Venice Architecture Film festival

The Venice Architecture Film Festival
2024 Edition: ADAPTATIONS

ArchiTuned as organizer of the Venice Architecture Film Festival in collaboration with an external jury of experts and professionals of the architecture and cinema field, will create a selection of short films on architecture.
The fourth edition of the Venice Architecture Film Festival 2024, titled Adaptations, will screen the selected short films in Venice from 12th November -14th November 2024.
Venice Architecture Film festival

This Edition Theme

Climate change, geopolitical changes, new information and building technologies make it crucial to adapt our lifestyles, our cities, our logistics systems, our buildings to give us the possibility to live as communities today and in the future.

The shortage of energy, water scarcity, depleting natural resources, the increasing global population, and the continuous rise of people living in urban areas are all phenomena that will require our places to adapt to new needs, whether natural or social.

Cities have become particularly vulnerable to climate impacts, such as rising temperatures, flooding, and storms. Geopolitical changes contribute to the migration of people from one land to another. Borders are becoming increasingly impenetrable, and migratory flows are marked by disparities and inequalities. Rich countries close themselves off, poor countries sell themselves out, populations mix, and societies change.

Cities must change, they must become adaptable accordions and, through the latest technologies, create systems that improve the quality of life of citizens.

Smart cities use technologies that allow for the monitoring and management of various consumptions.

Adapting to all these changes requires collaboration between governments, communities and individuals. It requires investment in research and development, along with forward-looking policies that can create places that are sustainable today and adaptable to new needs tomorrow.

Over the decades, we have tried hard to fight this, we have created a world that, perhaps pretended, told us about sustainable spaces, places, societies and living together. In the last two years, all this has been overwhelmed.

We experience the effects of climate change on a daily basis, geopolitical upheavals are the order of the day, advanced technologies rewrite the way we work, travel and live on a daily basis.

In all this, will humanity, which has always had the ability to rethink itself, revolutionizing previous models and shaping nature to new needs, succeed in redesigning new models of sustainable living?

Is adaptation the new model of life?
Venice Architecture Film Festival